Rail Spike Coat Rack (3 spikes)

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Rail Spike Coat Rack 

You don’t have to be a rail fan to love this coat rack!  Using red oak and re-purposed rail spikes, our coat rack is made by New England craftsmen exclusively for the Museum.  The natural imperfections of the rail spikes add to the charm and assure you that no two racks are exactly the same.  The rack is as functional as it is good looking and is the perfect gift for any rail fan.  

Mounting hardware and suggestions for mounting are included.  Depending on where you decide to hang the rack, you will want to adapt our suggestions to meet your specific needs.

2 spike rack:  16” x 4 ½” x 1”    $95-on sale $50.00

3 spike rack:  24” x 4 ½” x 1”      $115-on sale $60.00

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