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Class J Poster

Enough information to build a J!  Well, almost.  But definitely enough detail to keep the engineer, rail fan, or interested bystander absorbed in the intricacies of the J’s construction.

This detailed N&W Class J poster is compiled from multiple drawings taken from the NWHS archives and shows the engineer’s side view of later J locomotives (such as 611) with tender. The drawings include drivers, nose, rod, oiler, Baker value gear, and other detail drawing inserts as drawn by the N&W draftsmen. Poster size is 24" x 36" on heavy glossy paper stock, perfect for framing and display!


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    Great Print of J-class Locomotive Design Features

    Posted by Ned on 27th Jul 2019

    This is an excellent print that appears to be a composite of several design/shop drawings of the J-class locomotive. It shows a great deal of detail that should be of exceptional appeal to anyone with railroad or mechanical engineering interests. The quality of the original hand-made drawing(s) is quite clear, reinforcing the old adage that "They just don't build 'em like they used to."

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    Interesting Details and Great Print Quality

    Posted by Bob on 27th Nov 2014

    This poster is printed from one of the design layout drawings of J-class and tender printed on poster paper. The original must have been larger because some of the text is quite small at 1/16" but still readable, which says good things about the print quality! Besides the basic outline of the locomotive there are a number of details and cross sections. Everytime I look at it I discover new and interesting details. Study this drawing in detail and you'll know everything (or at least a great deal) about 611 when it hits the rails next summer! It should be a good conversation starter in an office, workshop, train room, or even a pub. Me?, I'm going to hang this in at work, what else would an engineer have in his office?

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