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8x10 H&C Coffee Neon Sign/photo by Phillip Barrett Jr.


The H&C Coffee Neon Sign is a well known, iconic Roanoke, VA landmark.

It is now classified as a Historical Landmark, built in 1948.


In 1927, Harold and Clarence Woods, brothers from Greensboro, North Carolina, established Woods Brother’s Coffee Company in Roanoke, Virginia.

A local sign company to designed and installed the “H&C Coffee” sign on top of the roasting plant located on east Campbell Avenue. The sign remained there until the mid 60’s at which time the plant was torn down. The famous sign was relocated to a building on Salem Avenue, which is currently home to Billy’s Restaurant. In 2005, after years of not working, the sign was repaired through funds raised from the local community and moved to its current location just a block away. 

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