611 Engine & Tender Wooden Toy

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 Compatible with all major brands of wooden trains, our 611 toy will delight children and adults as well.  This toy is an absolute must for all who love trains and love the 611! Engine and tender together are about 8 inches long and 2 inches high. Fun for children ages 3 years and older, one-piece hardwood body, non-toxic child proof paint. Made exclusively for the Virginia Museum of Transportation.  


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    A great choice for fans of wooden trains, both child and adult

    Posted by Stirling R. Callahan (ravenhawk6910) on 2nd Mar 2018

    For many years growing up as a child I was a fan of wooden trains and had several from brands such as Thomas & Friends, Brio, and Whittle Shortline. Though some were clearly ment to be just toys, the best ones were the ones that looked like real trains. For many years I had wish that the 611 would be made as a wooden "model" (if you will); And now, at last, here we are! The model comes packaged in a window box which features both the VTM logo and the Heritage Wooden Railway logo. The back of the box features a nice photo of the J and some "stats and facts" about the engine. Getting the model out of the box the engine is a great piece with lines that fit the real 611 perfectly. A lot of the details on the model, mostly on the nose and top, are printed on. These could possible chip off with play, but the model itself will easily be able to stand up to years of play or even sitting on a shelf if you are buying this as a collectible item, which I myself have purchased it for. For the price you pay this is a great little toy/model of my favorite streamlined engine that I've wanted to see in wooden form since I was little. Maybe one of these days VTM could look at a wooden N&W 1218 and 1776 to go with this little J perhaps? Should you get this? YES!

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    They’re so cute!!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Mar 2018

    Now I have to dig out my 22 year old son’s Brio and Thomas sets, and borrow someone’s grandkids so I can play with them.

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